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Reverse Engineering

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Through our reverse engineering services, MTR Martco LLC creates 3D design CAD models directly from supplied parts. In the reverse engineering process, 3D modeling allows for the extraction of the digital shape of physical objects that may have insufficient design documentation or may need CAD data for modern manufacturing methods. The reverse engineering process allows for the troubleshooting, reproduction, or analysis of a component.

Reverse engineering capabilities allow:

  • Creation of CAD models to design and manufacture process tooling
  • Easy modification of parts, tools, or molds
  • Interchange of CAD files with other CAD systems


The MTR Martco reverse engineering problem solving process will help you evaluate performance goals and achieve the solution you need. Whatever the project, our experts have experience in working with a wide variety of CAD packages and can deliver files in a variety of formats.

MTR Martco LLC is dedicated to being your single source solution for industrial services, including reverse engineering. Contact us today to discuss how we may assist with you project.