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Rebuild and Save from 30 to 50% on Pulper Drives Rebuilt to Original Specifications

To rebuild drives, we first inspect and measure critical parts. We then restore any non-conforming components to original specifications or install all new components and spin test the drives to verify compliance. Klingelnberg cut gears are used on most drive rebuilds to greatly improve wear resistance and drive efficiency.

Pulper Drive Repair & Exchange Program

When you need to get a pulper back in production fast, MTR Martco’s exchange program is your answer.  We stock a variety of common drives in various ratios with new shafts, gears, bearings, seals, shims and fasteners for immediate delivery. If we are able to re-use the core from your old drive, we credit its value against the cost of the exchange.

We Stock a Variety of Common Pulper Drives

New Low-Profile Pulper Drive

Drive Lube System

Drive Spare Parts

From Our Clients

When our pulper drive failed we called MTR Martco for an exchange unit. MTR Martco had a drive in stock and shipped it to us by the time we had our drive removed. We returned our drive for a core credit and asked MTR Martco to inspect our drive for failure analysis. MTR Martco had us back up and running saving minimal down time. We had always rebuilt our own drives and now we rely on MTR Martco for all our pulper drives saving valuable down time as well as inventory cost.

Maintenance Manager of a Midwestern liner board mill.