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High Density Cleaners and Parts

MTR Martco can furnish new units as well as replacement parts for high density cleaners. High-density centrifugal cleaners reduce wear on the screens by removing pebbles, staples, grit, metal and other heavy contaminants from the stock.  The cleaners are installed ahead of coarse and fine screens to remove contaminants with minimum  fiber loss. Paper stock slurry enters the cleaner and heavy rejects fall to a removal trap.  Cleaners can be operated continually at up to 4% consistency either as manual or automatic operations.  These units can also be installed in front of refiners to reduce plate wear.  Unique design uses ceramic linings combined with heat-treated 410 stainless steel fabrications and castings to increase wear life.  Duco Scavenger valves with hardened seats are used for the reject chamber for improved performance.

Inlet Head

Inlet Head and Transition Cone

Inlet Head and Transition Cone

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