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Extraction Plates

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Extraction Plates

MTR Martco engineered plates can last up to 30% longer by using either 410 and 17-4 stainless steel or other stainless steel materials and combining them with a precision heat-treating process to increase hardness and enhance durability.  In addition, our plates can be fitted with Stellite® wear strips to further improve resistance to wear.

We produce precision extraction plates that meet your exact specification by using the most advanced manufacturing processes.  All plate designs are programmed using CAD/CAM software and machined using state-of-the-art CNC machining centers. Both sides are ground to extremely close tolerances for flatness and parallelism.  We also offer step-drilled plates to reduce plugging.  Comprehensive inspections are conducted throughout the process to ensure that each plate meets specifications and all workmanship is guaranteed.


Our extraction plates can be furnished with radial, staggered-radial and straight-line X-Y drilling patterns and a variety of hole diameters to fit your particular pulping application, providing up to 40-50% total open area for maximum defibering and hydraulic capacity.  Plates can be flip drilled for reversible use.

Extraction Plates for Virtually Every Model

MTR Martco produces extraction plates in a variety of materials for long lasting wear and life for all major OEM equipment manufacturers including:

  • Hydrapulpers/Pulpers™
  • Bellpurges™
  • Turbo Separators™
  • Hydrapurges™
  • Floatpurgers™
  • Tamtraps™
  • Diablofiners™

New Extraction Plates

Inner Wear Plates

MTR Martco also manufactures the inner wear plates that mate with the extraction Plates.

Inner Wear Plates