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Efficient Detrashing Systems for Maximum Production Capability

MTR Martco provides a full TURNKEY SOLUTION to update and complete your pulping needs, from analysis, to design, through manufacturing, and including the installation of a complete detrashing system.

MTR Martco detrashing systems are designed to operate in conjunction with either continuous or batch waste paper pulpers.  A stock flow mixture of fiber is separated and reclaimed by passing through a perforated extraction plate and sent directly downstream for further processing.  The contaminants remain in the detrasher where they are washed and discharged to a drum screen for further processing and removal from the system.  Our detrashing systems sustain peak production in a batch or continuous pulper by feeding accepts forward. The system will maintain low debris levels in a pulper tub and improve defibering as well as reducing wear of the rotor and extraction plate.

MTR Martco detrashers and drum screens feature stainless steel construction for longevity and durability.  The detrasher has a high-capacity rotor mounted over a perforated extraction plate.  Accepted fiber is fed forward by connection to the pulper dump pump suction line, adding production to the pulping system.  Collected rejects are discharged to the drum screen for thickening and removal.

MTR Martco will provide an on-site analysis to maximize the optimum equipment arrangement possible. As you can see MTR Martco delivers the “total package” — complete  pulping and detrashing systems designed, manufactured and Installed.

Detrashing System



Batch Pulper Detrasher

Continuous Pulper Detrasher

Trash Pump

Stainless Steel Drum Screen

Grapple & Hoist System

Heavy-duty Grapple and hoist system are engineered to strict specifications for removal of heavy contents collected in the trashwell.

Grapple & Hoist System

Stainless Trashwells

Durable stainless steel trashwells are designed for the removal of both heavy and lightweight contaminants in an efficient manner.

Stainless Steel Trashwells

From Our Clients

With the continuing decline in waste paper quality, we turned to MTR Martco for a detrashing system that would correct the problem. We achieved our goal of reducing rotor and extraction plate wear by removing debris that was being introduced in our system from the waste paper. What we didn’t expect was the increased production we achieved by feeding forward acceptable reclaimed fiber and reducing our landfill rate. The combined savings from wear, fiber loss and land fill fees will speed our ROI.

Machine Superintendent of a Northwest Paper Mill